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Microsoft Research Asia is recruiting interns for Stars of Tomorrow Internship Program.

职位: 全职实习生
组别: 公共关系组
数量: 1
工作地点: 北京




微软亚洲研究院公关组正在招募一位全职的平面设计实习生,将与公关组紧密协作,制作视觉上具有吸引力和感染力的宣传材料。申请者需要对微软的设计风格(常被大众称为 “Modern”或“Metro”)有专业的理解。

  • 该实习生将会负责为微软亚洲研究院制作各类电子和实体的宣传材料,包括:
  • 为微软亚洲研究院多个线上平台(官网微博人人博客)的宣传推广设计并制作各类图片和信息图。
  • 负责公关组日常的宣传材料的设计,包括每月和每季度的Newsletter,以及每季度的期刊杂志。
  • 设计并制作公关活动的系列宣传材料,包括电子邮件、新闻信、海报、横幅、登陆页等。
  • 设计并制作公司的PPT,并协作有可能进行的视频拍摄项目。


  • 拥有工业设计、视觉设计、传播设计或其他相关专业的本科或硕士学历。
  • 能以作品集的形式呈现申请者在多个设计中承担过重要角色的经历。(优秀而全面的设计能力是必须的,需要有包括排版、图标设计、配色等平面设计技能)
  • 能够独立完成从设计到制作的整个流程。
  • 能够清晰地描述自己的设计方案。
  • 熟悉排版和栅格系统。关注细节、精确到像素。
  • 能在公关组和研究院内推动设计思维。
  • 能够适应快节奏与协作的工作环境。
  • 具有优秀的沟通能力。
  • 具有优秀的中文文字和编辑能力。
  • 具有较好的口头和书面英语能力。
  • 拥有良好的公关意识。
  • 能够自我激励并高度关注细节。
  • 工作具有主动性。


Adobe Photoshop,Illustrator,InDesign




要了解更多“明日之星实习生计划”,请访问: http://www.msra.cn/zh-cn/connections/talents/tomorrowstars/default.aspx

Position: Full-time Intern
Group: Public Relations Group
Quantity: 1
Work Location: Beijing

Group Overview

Microsoft Research Asia's Public Relations Group is responsible for the Asia lab's communications, including driving communications strategy, public relations, and brand marketing. The PR team works closely with the organization's senior executives, researchers and other stakeholders to communicate innovation thought leadership and state-of-the-art research breakthroughs to audiences all over the world. By telling stories about Microsoft Research Asia through traditional, digital, and social media, the PR team enhances the public's understanding and appreciation of the lab and of Microsoft.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Public Relations Group of Microsoft Research Asia is recruiting a full-time Graphic Design intern, who will work closely with PR team to create visually and emotionally engaging communication materials. Intern must have professional understanding of Microsoft's visual identity and design principles (known as “Modern” or “Metro”).

Work will include high-visibility output for both online and physical assets for Microsoft Research Asia, including:

  • Conceptualize and design graphics and infographics for a variety of online promotions on Microsoft Research Asia’s digital platform (WebsiteWeiboRenren, and Blog)
  • Be responsible for the design work for the PR Group’s regular communication materials, including monthly and quarterly newsletter, and quarterly magazine
  • Conceptualize and design integrated materials for PR campaigns through web, email, and print communications (email reports, newsletters, posters, banners, landing pages, other promotions, etc.)
  • Conceptualize and design internal company collateral as needed (PPT presentations, possibly video)

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor or Master degree in Industrial Design, Visual Design, Communication Design or related fields
  • A portfolio that demonstrates experience as a decision maker on various multidisciplinary design projects. (Design fundamentals are a must: portfolios should convey comfort with the graphic design medium including strong typography, layout, identity design, color, usability, and imagery, to name a few.)
  • Ability to independently lead all aspects of the design process from conception to completion
  • Clearly articulate design decisions
  • Deep knowledge of typography and grid systems, pixel-perfect attention to details
  • Promote design thinking in Public Relationship team and MSR
  • Thrives in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. Collaboration and mentor skill with outsourcing vendor design related company such as print co. (experience working with graphic designers and agencies)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong writing and editing skills in Chinese
  • Good oral and written English skills
  • Good Sense of Public Relations work
  • Self-motivated and high attention to details
  • Proactive attitude
  • A supervisor's approval will be required

Design Skillsets (Fluency in design tools practices):

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign (Expert Adobe skills)

Required Internship Duration:

At least as a full time intern of 3 months.

Qualified applicants please fill in the application and send it together with a full resume in both English and Chinese (PDF/Word/Txt/Html format) to: MSRAih@microsoft.com, and please note you are applying for Public Relations Group.

Link of the application form:

Know more about Stars of Tomorrow Internship Program, please visit