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Microsoft Research Asia Faculty Summit 2008
November 3 Beijing, China

Microsoft Research Asia Faculty Summit 2008 will be held on November 3 in Beijing China.

The central theme of the Summit this year is "Innovate Together", the summit will not only highlight the successful cooperation between MSRA and universities, it will also draw attention to the collaboration of computer scientists with other disciplines, a worldwide trend that is broadening computer science's impact to academia and society.

The annual summit, since its launch in year 2000, has enjoyed tremendous popularity and has become The Meeting Place for the brightest minds... [More]

The University Relations (UR) Group at MSR Asia is committed to building strong partnerships and collaborative relationships with the academic community and governments across the Asia-Pacific region, as well as exploring new areas of research that can accelerate computer science or transform other disciplines through integrated computing.
Programs and events we organize include: theme-based research projects, joint labs, international conferences, faculty summits, visiting researcher programs, internship, fellowship, and lectures and courses. Since 1998, UR has... [More]

This year, Microsoft Research Asia will mark a decade of innovation. What is certainly our most impressive milestone to date, over the past and engineers... [More]
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